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At Tom’s IT, we offer a variety of IT business services to optimize your business process and increase your efficiency. Our services include DMS, 3CX, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Citrix, all of which help your company stay competitive in the modern business world.

Our team of experienced IT experts is available to develop customized solutions to meet your specific needs. We understand how important fast and effective IT solutions are to the success of your business and we work closely with you to meet your requirements.

Contact us, to learn more about how we can help you optimize your IT systems. We look forward to helping you with all your IT Business Services needs.


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Success with IT Business Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365

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We are your reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner, dedicated to ensuring your business success.


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MailStore for Email Archiving, Cost Reduction, Legal Compliance, Outlook Integration, Reduced Storage Requirements, …


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DocuWare is an important document management software that helps companies manage their documents and increase their efficiency.


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Atlassian provides software solutions that assist teams and businesses in enhancing collaboration, task organization, and efficient project management.

3CX-Telephone systems

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3CX is a major VoIP phone system that helps businesses improve their communications and reduce their costs.


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Citrix enables secure and flexible access to applications and data from anywhere, which is of great importance in today’s digital world.

IT-Business Services Overview

3CX VoIP-Telephone system

3CX is a powerful VoIP phone system that helps businesses improve their communications and reduce costs. With 3CX, businesses can make and receive calls over the Internet, hold video conferences, and use call management features to increase productivity.

DocuWare - Document Management

DocuWare is a comprehensive document management software that helps companies store and manage their documents in a secure and centralized environment. With DocuWare, companies can optimize their workflows by simplifying access to documents and information.

Citrix - Virtualization Software

Citrix is a powerful virtualization that helps organizations host their applications and desktops in a secure and centralized environment. With Citrix, businesses can effectively use their IT resources by centrally managing desktops and applications and providing users with access from anywhere.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is a collection of business applications from Microsoft that includes various CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions. This platform offers integrated solutions that support various business functions such as sales, customer service, operations, finance, marketing, and project management. By integrating these functions into a common platform, Dynamics 365 enables businesses to unify their processes, efficiently manage data, and gain deep insights into their business operations. The flexibility and adaptability of Dynamics 365 allow businesses to choose the applications and tools that best suit their specific needs and goals.


MailStore is a comprehensive email archiving solution that helps businesses archive their emails in a legally compliant manner while avoiding data loss. This solution relieves email servers, provides fast search functionality for emails and attachments, significantly reduces storage requirements, and helps circumvent mailbox size limitations. Additionally, MailStore allows for the central archiving of PST files, greatly reducing backup and restore times.


Overall, MailStore provides a powerful solution for email management and archiving to enhance efficiency and legal compliance.


Atlassian offers software solutions that enable teams and companies to optimize their work processes. These products facilitate teamwork, promote efficient task and project organization, and enhance overall team performance. They provide a central hub for managing projects, tasks, documentation, and communication. This contributes to increased productivity, improved transparency, and reduced time spent on administrative tasks. Atlassian tools empower teams to work more agilely and achieve better results.

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