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Optimized Business Processes with Atlassian: Supported by robust solutions for ITSM, knowledge databases, and agile teams.

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Jira and Confluence: Your tools for efficient work and improved collaboration.

Jira assists teams
in task management, project tracking, and workflow automation. Confluence promotes collaborative document creation and knowledge sharing. Together, they form an unbeatable combination for project success and enhanced collaboration.

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for Teams

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Jira Software
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For Agile Teams

Jira Software is a powerful project management and issue tracking software used by businesses and development teams to plan, track, and manage tasks. With Jira, teams can execute agile projects, customize workflows, create and track issue reports, and gain comprehensive insights into their projects. This software is widely used in software development and IT but is also valuable in other industries for optimizing project management and collaboration.

Jira Align
Strategic Goal Setting

Team Coordination

Efficient Processes

Enterprise-Level Management

Scalable Agility

Enterprise Agility

Jira Align is an enterprise solution that empowers organizations to scale their agility at an enterprise level. It aids in setting strategic goals and coordinating teams to achieve those objectives. With Jira Align, companies can develop and manage more agile and efficient processes.

Jira Service Management
Jira Service Management Bildmarke
Incident Management

Change Management

Problem Management


Optimizing Customer Support

IT Service Optimization

Jira Service Management is IT service management software that enables companies to provide more effective IT services. It assists IT teams in managing incidents, changes, and problems while offering a user-friendly self-service environment for users. This software helps companies optimize customer support.

Jira Work Management
Jira Work Management Bildmarke
Task Organization

Process Automation

Efficient Teamwork

Project Tracking


Task Management

Jira Work Management is a solution that helps teams organize and track tasks and projects. It provides features for process automation and reporting that enhance teamwork efficiency. With Jira Work Management, teams can manage their tasks more effectively.

Jira Product Discovery
Jira Product Discovery Bildmarke
Idea Generation


Product Development


Research-Based Decision-Making

Innovation Management

Jira Product Discovery is a product management and development tool that helps product teams with idea generation, prioritization, and the development of new products. It promotes collaboration and enables teams to make better decisions based on user and market research.

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Collaborative Work

Knowledge Management


Information Exchange

Team Collaboration

Knowledge Management

Confluence is a collaboration platform that enables teams to create, organize, and collaborate on content. It supports knowledge management, documentation, and team collaboration by facilitating the sharing of information and ideas.

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Visuelles Projektmanagement





Task Organization

Trello is a visual project management software that helps teams organize projects and tasks into boards and cards. It promotes transparency, visualization, and progress tracking in a simple and user-friendly format.

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Content Creation

Knowledge Repository

Document Management

Secure Information Delivery

Content Management

Atlas is an enterprise documentation tool that assists teams in creating, managing, and delivering content and documentation. It enables secure storage and easy access to information throughout the organization.

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