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3CX Phone System for Enhanced Communication

As a proud Bronze Partner of 3CX in Austria, we specialize in assisting businesses in harnessing the advantages of this innovative communication solution. 3CX is a comprehensive communication platform that aids companies in optimizing their internal and external communication. This versatile platform brings together phone calls, video conferences, instant messaging, and live chats within a user-friendly application.

3CX is remarkably versatile and can cater to businesses of all sizes and diverse industries. Whether you are a large corporation, a medium-sized company, or a small startup, 3CX provides you with the tools to enhance your communication and boost productivity. As a 3CX Partner in Austria, we are here to support you in integrating and utilizing this powerful communication solution.

How does 3CX work?

3CX is based on IP telephony and provides a wide range of features, including call management, VoIP support, high-quality video calls, mobile apps for Android and iOS, instant messaging, presence status, contact management, calendar integration, and security options.

3CX Features
Call Management

Efficiently manage your calls. Route, park, and record calls, and organize queues.

VoIP Support

Utilize Voice over IP (VoIP) for cost-effective calls and benefit from support for SIP trunks and VoIP providers.

Video Calls

Easily conduct high-quality video conferences.


Work on the go with 3CX apps for Android and iOS or softphones for Windows and Mac.

Instant Messaging

Accelerate communication with quick text messages and chat features.

Presence Status

View your colleagues' online status to enhance accessibility.

Contact Management

Integrate 3CX into CRM systems and make use of Microsoft 365 integration for efficient contact management.

Calendar Integration

Effortlessly sync appointments and meetings with calendar integration.


Protect your communication with encryption and robust security measures against attacks and security breaches.

Who is 3CX suitable for?

3CX provides solutions for various industries and businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a large corporation, a medium-sized enterprise, a small startup, or a specialized industry, 3CX equips you with the tools to enhance your communication and boost productivity.

Large Enterprises

Large corporations appreciate advanced features and security measures.

Medium-Sized Businesses

Medium-sized enterprises benefit from scalability.

Small Businesses

Small businesses receive a cost-effective solution with extensive features.

Hotels and Hospitality

The hotel telephony feature of 3CX enables hotels to offer top-notch services, including check-in/out, wake-up calls, and call billing.


Medical practices, clinics, and healthcare service providers enhance patient communication.

Law Firms and Consultancies

Law firms and consulting companies leverage CRM integrations and call recordings.

Educational Institutions

Schools and universities can utilize 3CX for both internal and external communication, enhancing educational operations.

Technology and IT Companies

Given 3CX's modern and tech-savvy solution, technology firms appreciate the flexibility and integration capabilities.

Benefits for Companies Using 3CX

Discover the numerous advantages of 3CX, regardless of your company’s size or industry. Whether you represent an established large enterprise, a growing medium-sized company, an agile startup, or a specialized industry with specific requirements, 3CX provides powerful tools to optimize your communication and enhance productivity sustainably. Learn more about the tailored solutions that 3CX can offer your business.

Lower Phone Bills

3CX enables significant cost savings on phone bills as businesses can make free calls between offices and branches.

Reduction of Expensive Hardware

Being a software-based solution, 3CX eliminates high costs associated with physical phone systems and hardware.

Cost-Effective Outbound Calls

Utilizing common SIP trunks allows for cost-effective outbound calls.

No Charges for 0800 Numbers

Thanks to WebRTC integration, charges for 0800 numbers are eliminated.

Adding New Users

3CX is highly flexible, allowing you to add new users as your business expands without incurring high costs.

Adapting to Changing Needs

Features can be activated or deactivated as needed, and the software adapts to your business's evolving requirements.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

3CX can be used on various devices and operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

CRM Integration

3CX seamlessly integrates with popular CRM systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and many others, enabling instant access to relevant customer data for employees during calls.

Integration with Business Applications

3CX supports integration with business applications like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365, enhancing collaboration and communication within your organization.

Video Conferencing

3CX facilitates video conferences to enhance collaboration.

Location Independence

Employees can work from anywhere while staying connected, as 3CX is compatible with various devices and operating systems.

Location Independence

The platform supports live chat for effective real-time communication.

3cx_iphone _ android

With the 3CX Mobile Apps, you're always reachable and capable of managing business calls and messages from anywhere. Whether you're on a business trip, working from home, or on the go, 3CX ensures that you stay connected with customers and colleagues at all times.

3CX On the Go: Mobile Apps for Your Business

In today’s fast-paced world, mobile communication is crucial. With 3CX, you’re no longer tethered to your desk to access essential calls and communication tools. Our mobile apps empower you to take your office with you wherever you go, whether on your smartphone or tablet.


Make and receive calls using your company number, even while you're on the go.

Video Conferences

Participate in or initiate video conferences for face-to-face communication.

Instant Messaging & Chat

Stay connected by sending and receiving real-time messages.

WhatsApp Message Handling

Respond to important customer inquiries and messages via WhatsApp.

Phone Conferences

Organize phone conferences and meetings, even when you're not in the office.

Encrypted Communication

Ensure the security of your mobile communication with encryption.


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