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As a recognized 3CX Bronze Partner in Austria, Tom’s IT Enterprise Solutions GmbH offers advanced VoIP telephony solutions specifically designed to meet the communication needs of modern businesses.

The 3CX systems offer a wide range of features that go far beyond the capabilities of traditional telephone systems.

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Benefits of 3CX VoIP Telephone Systems

With 3CX, you not only experience significant cost reductions but also benefit from increased scalability and an expanded feature set. Integration into your existing computer network is seamless, eliminating the need for additional cabling.

Cost Savings and Scalability

3CX significantly reduces your overall costs. Enjoy free internal calls and minimize your capital expenditures through the software-based nature of the 3CX system, which allows for easy scalability.

Simplified Communication

The 3CX solution unifies telephony, video conferencing, instant messaging, and email communication into a single platform. This integration boosts productivity and improves both internal and external communication dynamics of your business.

Easy Management and Mobile Support

Whether on-premises or in the cloud, the 3CX VoIP solution is easy to manage and set up. Mobile apps for Android and iOS also ensure that your employees remain reachable anytime and anywhere without compromising security.

Features that Transform Your Communication

1. Advanced Call Management Featuresn

3CX offers advanced call management, efficiently handling calls, managing queues strategically, and optimizing call distributions.

2. High-Quality Video Conferencing

Utilize the integrated video conferencing feature of 3CX for high-quality meetings without additional costs or external services.

3. Integration and Security

The VoIP solution seamlessly integrates with existing CRM and ERP systems and offers end-to-end encryption to ensure the security of all communication processes.

Features of 3CX VoIP Systems

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Highest Security Standards

Protect your communication with advanced encryption and security features that safeguard your data from unauthorized access and security breaches.

Advanced Call Management

3CX enables efficient call management with features such as call forwarding, parking, and recording, as well as queue management. This boosts efficiency and customer satisfaction.

VoIP Support

Leverage the cost-efficiency and versatility of Voice over IP. 3CX supports SIP trunks and various VoIP providers to offer you lower phone costs and improved service quality.

Video Calls and Video Conferencing

With 3CX, conduct high-quality video calls and conferences that enable personal communication regardless of the participants' locations.

Mobility and Mobile Apps

The 3CX apps for Android and iOS, as well as softphones for Windows and Mac, allow you to work mobile and stay reachable without sacrificing functionality or convenience.

Instant Messaging and Presence Indicator

Communicate quickly and effectively with instant messaging and stay informed about your colleagues' availability with the presence indicator.

Contact and Calendar Integration

3CX seamlessly integrates with CRM systems and Microsoft 365, simplifying contact and calendar management and boosting productivity.

Applications of 3CX in Various Industries

From Start-up to Large Enterprise

Solutions for Every Business Size

From small start-ups to multinational corporations, 3CX scales according to your business needs and supports your growth with flexible and expandable communication tools.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Specialized Industry Solutions

Hotels, healthcare, educational institutions, law and consulting firms, as well as technology and IT companies, benefit from the customized features of 3CX designed to meet their specific communication needs.

Why Choose Tom's IT
as Your 3CX Partner?

3CX VoIP Telephone System

As an experienced 3CX Bronze Partner, we not only offer installation and setup but also comprehensive support and customized solutions tailored to your business needs. Whether you are a small start-up or a large enterprise, Tom's IT has the expertise to elevate your communication to the next level.