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MailStore Server allows companies to gain numerous technical and economic advantages from the legal obligation for modern email archiving.

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Certified according to GDPR

MailStore is certified according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring legally compliant email archiving.

Saving Resources

By implementing MailStore Server, businesses can significantly alleviate their IT resources, resulting in faster backups and more efficient utilization of the IT infrastructure.


MailStore Server ensures that your emails are archived securely for the long term, meaning you can always access your emails when you need them.

Fast access to emails

MailStore enables fast and easy search functions in your emails and attachments, speeding up access to essential information.

Protection against data loss

By archiving all emails, MailStore Server protects against the loss of critical data and ensures long-term email recoverability.

Reduction in IT costs

The introduction of MailStore Server leads to a reduction in IT costs, as backups can be performed more quickly, and email servers and clients are relieved.

Addressing the Issue for Businesses

Legal Requirements

Issue: Many businesses are legally obligated to archive emails to meet legal requirements.


Solution: MailStore Server is certified to meet all legal requirements in the D-A-CH region and under GDPR, enabling legally compliant email retention.

Systems are overloaded

Issue: Overloaded email systems can impede productivity.


Solution: MailStore Server alleviates email servers and clients, enhancing employee productivity.


Issue: Inefficient email systems result in ineffective work and increased IT costs.


Solution: MailStore optimizes email availability, reduces costs, and enables the long-term use of IT infrastructure.

Data Loss

Issue: The fear of losing important emails is widespread.


Solution: MailStore safeguards against email losses and ensures the long-term recoverability of emails.

The legal requirements applicable in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland generally oblige companies to store their emails fully, authentically, tamper-proof, and readily available for many years. MailStore Server adheres to all relevant legal requirements and enables legally compliant archiving of your emails and attachments (according to GoBD and GDPR).

MailStore: Your Solution for Legally Compliant and Loss-Free Email Archiving

MailStore offers you the ideal solution for legally compliant email archiving while protecting you from data loss. Thanks to our certification according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you can rely on your emails being archived in compliance with the law. At the same time, MailStore relieves your IT infrastructure, resulting in faster backups and reduced IT costs. With MailStore, you not only gain quick access to your emails but also long-term protection for your corporate data. We provide the security and efficiency your company needs.

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