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Tom's IT Enterprise Solutions GmbH

IT-Security is our mission

Tom’s IT Enterprise Solutions GmbH is a renowned IT company with the goal of providing its customers with the best possible protection in the field of IT security.


We are aware of the growing threat of cybercrime and work tirelessly to develop the latest and most effective security solutions that ensure the protection of sensitive data and systems. Our experts have years of experience and stay on top of the latest technology to provide our customers with customized solutions. We are commited to helping our customers realize their full potential without worrying about security threats. 


It is our concern to optimally secure our customers and to provide companies of all sizes with high security standards.


Therefore, we create a clean and secure IT environment for our customers and take care of the optimization and especially the best possible protection of their IT systems.

Professionalism is particularly important to us. At Tom’s IT we only use procedures that are of the highest quality. 

A good basis of trust towards our customers is essential for us, because we stand for honest IT.

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Tom's IT-Solutions


Security is essential for any business to protect itself from cyber attacks. We offer a full range of IT security services, including managed security services, penetration testing, it security consulting and incident response, to ensure your IT infrastructure remains safe and secure.

IT-Enterprise Services

Our IT Enterprise Services offer you a comprehensive range of services, including Veeam Backup, IT Project Management, IT Operations Management, Consulting and ServiceDesk. We make sure your IT infrastructure runs reliably and effectively so you can focus on your core business.


Our IT business services offer you a wide range of services, including 3CX, DMS DocuWare, Citrix and Sage. We make sure your business processes run smoothly and efficiently so you can focus on growing your business.


Our IT infrastructure services include firewall management, monitoring, wireless connectivity, networking, VPN and more. We make sure your IT infrastructure is secure, stable and efficient to keep your business running smoothly.

IT-Cloud Services

Our IT cloud services include cloud services, virtualization and managed services. We offer flexible, scalable and secure solutions to manage and secure your data and applications in the cloud.

Measurable quality ISO 9001

At Tom’s IT Enterprise Solutions, we have a strong commitment to quality. That’s why we constantly certify ourselves with the latest quality standards.

ISO 9001
Fortinet Partner

As a renowned IT company, it is our stated mission to provide businesses with the maximum protection in IT security.

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Fortinet Partner

Tom's Datacenter GmbH

Tom's Datacenter Mission

Our data center company has a clear mission: to provide our customers with a reliable, secure and scalable infrastructure for their IT systems.


We see ourselves as a partner to our customers and help them achieve their business goals by providing optimum support for their IT infrastructure. In doing so, we focus on the highest quality, efficient processes and a first-class customer experience. 

Tom's Datacenter Vision

Our vision is to be a leader in data center services, providing innovative and customized solutions to our customers.


We strive to continuously improve and further expand our position as a market leader. In doing so, we rely on the latest technologies and trends to provide our customers with a first-class experience. We aim to be a pioneer in artificial intelligence and data analytics, helping our customers optimize their business processes and realize their full potential. We want to be a key player in the development and implementation of new technologies that will change the world.

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Tom's Datacenter Solutions

Cloud Services

Our cloud services provide you with a comprehensive cloud platform on which you can manage your applications and data securely and effectively. We offer flexible and scalable solutions tailored to your specific requirements and ensure that your applications and data are always available. We also offer you comprehensive support in implementing and managing your cloud infrastructure.

Managed Services

Our Managed Services offer you comprehensive support in managing your cloud infrastructure. We take care of all aspects of your cloud ecosystem, from implementation to maintenance. You can rely on us to continuously optimize the performance of your cloud infrastructure while reducing costs.

Backup & Monitoring

Our backup and monitoring services provide you with comprehensive monitoring of your cloud infrastructure and reliable backup of your data. We ensure that your data is always available and protected, regardless of wether it’s a natural disaster or human error. We also provide comprehensive analysis of your data to optimize the performance of your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Security

Our cloud security services protect your cloud infrastructure from outside threats and attacks. We provide comprehensive monitoring and a fast response time to threats to ensure that your data and applications are always safe. Our experts work around the clock to protect your cloud infrastructure against all types of attacks.

Secure Management

Our secure management guarantees the safety of your data and applications in the cloud. We ensure that your cloud infrastructure is always up to date with all relevant security updates. We also provide comprehensive training and consulting to ensure that you and your employees know and can apply cloud security best practices.

Further Information

Tom's Digital Solutions

Tom's Digital Solutions Mission

The mission of Tom’s Digital Solutions is to provide our clients with high quality and effective digital presence solutions.


We strive to understand the individual needs of our customers and, based on this, develop customized concepts that meet their requirements. In doing so, we focus on comprehensive consulting and support for our customers in order to help them achieve their goals in the best possible way. We attach great importance to close cooperation with our customers and see ourselves as a reliable partner who accompanies and supports them on their way into the digital word. Our services include e-commerce, web design, illustrations, SEO, SEA, social media marketing and image editing. 

Tom's Digital Solutions Vision

Our vision at Tom’s Digital Solutions is to help businesses succeed in the digital age.


We believe that a strong presence on the Internet is essential today to remain competitive as a business. We are passionate about developing innovative and customized solutions that help our clients optimize their online presence and reach their target audiences on all digital channels. We focus on quality, creativity and professionalism to provide our clients with a holistic service that helps them achieve their digital goals.

Tom's Digital Solutions


We offer comprehensive e-commerce solutions, including design, development, payment system integration, marketing strategies and much more. With our help, you can successfully run your online store and increase your sales.


Our experienced team of web designers offers creative and customized solutions for your website. We ensure an appealing design, user-friendly navigation and optimal performance to delight your visitors.


Our SEO services include a comprehensive analysis of your website, keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, and continuous monitoring and reporting. We ensure that your website is at the top of the search results and generates more traffic.


Our SEA services include the creation and management of Google Ads campaigns, keyword research, ad text optimization, and continuous monitoring and reporting. We make sure that you reach your target group with your advertising and increase your conversions.

Social Media

Our social media services include the creation and implementation of social media strategies, content development, community management, ad management and continuous reporting. We ensure that you are present on social media, increase your reach and successfully engage your target audience. 

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