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Terms of use Tom's IT

Terms of use

Terms of use Tom's IT

Company Name: Tom’s IT Enterprise Solutions GmbH

Address: Kästnerstraße 6, 4614 Marchtrenk

Phone: +43 7243 53091


Company Register Number: FN 532160 p

Company Court: Regional Court Wels

VAT Identification Number: ATU76333317

Business Purpose: IT Consulting and Services

Commercial Description: Trading business except for regulated trading businesses and commercial agent

Commercial Description: Services in automatic data processing and information technology

Memberships in the Chamber of Commerce: Upper Austria Chamber of Commerce Supervisory Authority/Trade

Authority: District Administration Wels-Land

Professional Title: IT Service Provider

Professional Title: Trade with Computers and Computer Systems

Awarding Country: Austria Information on Online Dispute

Resolution: Consumers have the option to address complaints to the EU’s online dispute resolution platform: odr. You can also direct any complaints to the email address provided above.