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As the award-winning Fortinet SMB Partner of the Year in Austria, we at Tom’s IT understand the dynamic nature of cyber threats. Our IT security solutions are specifically designed to protect your business from the latest threats while ensuring that your IT systems run efficiently and smoothly.

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Benefits of a Secure Business

1. Operational Continuity

Our robust IT security solutions guarantee the reliability of your business processes, even in times of crisis.

2. Building Customer Trust

Show your customers that their data is safe and that you are committed to protecting their privacy.

3. Avoiding Financial Losses

Minimize the risk of significant financial losses due to cyberattacks.

4. Gaining a Competitive Edge

Stand out from your competitors with high security standards.

Our Cybersecurity Services include

Antivirus, Antispam, Firewall, Monitoring, and Data Backup – All from One Source

Comprehensive Security Solutions

From antivirus and antispam to advanced firewall systems that protect against viruses, spam, and unwanted access.

Endpoint Security (Client Security)

Protecting your endpoints from malware and other cyber threats.

Server and Network Security

Robust defense strategies to secure your server infrastructure and networks from unauthorized access and data loss.

Data Backup and Recovery

Reliable backup solutions to keep your critical data safe and available at all times.

Real-Time Monitoring and Management

Continuous monitoring of your systems to detect and respond to security threats early.

IT Operations Management

We ensure the continuous monitoring and maintenance of your IT systems to guarantee efficiency and reliability.

IT-Security Service Portfolio

Antivirus, Antispam, and Firewall

Comprehensive Protection Against Digital Threats

Our antivirus, antispam, and firewall solutions provide a robust shield against a variety of cyber threats, including viruses, malware, spam, and unwanted network access. By implementing the latest security technology, we guarantee that your systems are secure and your communication remains clear.

Client Security

Security for Every Endpoint

Protect the endpoints used daily by your employees from malware and other threats. Our client security solutions cover all types of endpoints, ensuring their security regardless of location and device type.

Server and Network Security

Essential Protection for Your Server Infrastructure

Secure your server and network structures with our integrated security services. From physical to software-based security, we provide solutions that ensure the protection of your data and applications, prevent data leaks, and meet compliance requirements.

Backup and Monitoring

Keeping Your Data Safe and Monitored

Reliable data backup combined with continuous monitoring forms the backbone of your IT system’s resilience. Our services ensure regular backups and monitor your IT infrastructure to detect and address potential problems early.

IT Operations Management

Optimal Management of Your IT Landscape

IT operations management encompasses all activities necessary for the smooth operation of IT systems in a company, including maintenance, support, troubleshooting, and security.

Advanced Security Measures

Security Audits

Regular reviews of your IT systems maintain high security standards. Our experts identify vulnerabilities and optimize security protocols to effectively protect your business.

Data Encryption

Protecting confidential information through state-of-the-art encryption techniques. This measure ensures that your data remains protected even in the event of a security incident.

Compliance Management

We help your company meet all legal and regulatory IT security requirements. This minimizes legal risks and strengthens the trust of your customers and partners.

Professional Penetration Testing

By simulating cyberattacks, our specialists identify potential security gaps and strengthen your defenses. This keeps your network resilient against advanced threats.

Cloud Security & Data Protection

We offer comprehensive security solutions for your cloud-based systems and data. From securing your infrastructure to protecting sensitive data, we guarantee maximum security in the cloud.

Mobile Device Management

Managing and securing all mobile devices in your corporate network. Our solutions protect against data leaks and other security threats that can arise from mobile devices.

Network Monitoring and Security

Our continuous monitoring of your networks allows early detection and defense against threats before they can cause damage. This proactive security strategy ensures the integrity of your network.

Why Choose Tom's IT
for Cybersecurity?

Consultation, Fortinet Partner, Long-Term Partnerships, from Austria

As the award-winning Fortinet SMB Partner of the Year, we offer tailored solutions and expertise in all areas of IT security. Our approach includes:
Consultation and Customization: Individual strategies tailored to your specific needs.
Proactive Security Strategies: Preventing security incidents before they occur.
Long-Term Partnerships: We strive for lasting relationships with our customers through trust and reliable support.