References at Tom's IT

Safety has top priority!

As an IT company providing cyber security solutions, our highest priority is the security of our customers. Therefore, we deliberately refrain from providing references on our website. Here we would like to explain why we decided to take this step and how we ensure the security of our customers.

Our precautions

We have chosen not to include customer references on our website. The reason for this is simple: We don’t want to run the risk of a potential hacking attack on our customers. By not providing references, we minimize the risk of cyber criminals becoming aware of our customers.

Our commitment to protecting our customers’ data is an important part of our company philosophy. We recognize that our customers entrust us with their data and their trust, and we are proud to take this responsibility seriously.

Our customers

We serve many large companies throughout Austria and help them improve their IT security systems. We work with our customers to develop individual solutions that are tailored to their exact needs.


We offer a wide range of cyber security solutions.

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