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Network and System Monitoring: PRTG offers powerful network monitoring to enhance network and system efficiency.

PRTG Products

PRTG is a comprehensive network monitoring software designed to monitor the performance and availability of your IT infrastructure.

We enable you to monitor all components of your network in real-time, including servers, routers, switches, applications, and many more. The benefits of PRTG lie in its ability to detect network issues early, minimize downtime, optimize network performance, and reduce costs.

By detecting problems early, we can respond quickly to prevent disruptions to business operations. With PRTG, you gain valuable insights into your network and server performance to make informed decisions for your business.

Paessler Network Monitor


PRTG Network Monitor

Paessler Enterprise Monitor


PRTG Enterprise Monitor

Paessler Hosted Monitor


PRTG Hosted Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor
Paessler Network Monitor
For small and medium-sized infrastructures

Monitor up to 1,000 devices and services

Traditional on-premises deployment

Perpetual license

PRTG Network Monitor is the perfect solution for small and medium-sized infrastructures. With the ability to monitor up to 1,000 devices and services, PRTG provides a centralized monitoring overview, an on-premises installation option for full control, and transparent licensing. With over 20 years of experience, PRTG is a trusted choice for businesses worldwide.

Comprehensive Network Monitoring

PRTG Network Monitor allows you to monitor up to 1,000 devices and services to ensure the performance and integrity of your IT infrastructure.

Full Control with On-Premises Installation

On-premises installation gives you complete control over your data, configuration, and updates, ensuring the security of your IT environment.

Transparent Licensing and Fair Pricing

Flexibility to support every budget and company size.

High Flexibility and Easy Scalability

With PRTG, you can effortlessly expand your network monitoring to cover IT, OT, and IoT infrastructures, meeting changing requirements.

Trust Backed by 20 Years of Experience

PRTG boasts a 20-year track record and is valued by companies worldwide from various industries, indicating its reliability and efficiency.

PRTG Enterprise Monitor
Paessler Enterprise Monitor
Comprehensive IT Monitoring

Flexible Scalability

Focus on What Matters

Centralized Monitoring

PRTG Enterprise Monitoring is designed for large and distributed networks. It provides a central overview of multiple PRTG servers, simplifies service monitoring, and prevents downtime.

Scalable Solution for Complex Environments

PRTG Enterprise Monitor is ideal for large and distributed environments, allowing you to easily tailor monitoring to your company's needs.

Central Overview of Multiple Installations

Obtain a unified view of all your PRTG server installations by categorizing data according to business services. This facilitates service-level monitoring and automated alarm management.

Optimized Infrastructure

PRTG Enterprise Monitor prevents downtime, reduces MTTR (Mean Time To Repair), and serves as a reliable information source for audits.

High Scalability

Your monitoring environment can effortlessly grow with PRTG Enterprise Monitor, even when multiple PRTG servers are required.

Self-Managing Automation

With PRTG Enterprise Monitor, your business benefits from automated monitoring and issue resolution, allowing your team to focus on strategic tasks rather than time-consuming manual activities.

PRTG Hosted Monitor
Paessler Hosted Monitor
Comprehensive Monitoring Solution

Scalable for Diverse Environments

Easy Cloud-Based Setup

Automated Updates and Flexible Pricing

PRTG Hosted Monitoring is a cloud-based monitoring solution by Paessler. No dedicated server installations required, automatic updates, and flexible pricing. Perfect for businesses with multiple locations and managed service providers.

Professional Monitoring Services

PRTG Hosted Monitor is a monitoring software hosted by Paessler, emphasizing professional services. You don't need to install it on dedicated servers in your network.


This solution eliminates the need for time-consuming maintenance, backups, and updates. Paessler takes care of it.

Scalable Performance Adjustment

PRTG Hosted Monitoring provides a scalable solution that easily adapts to your company's requirements. You can scale performance and capacity according to your needs, ensuring you always have the right monitoring solution.

Multi-Site Monitoring

PRTG Hosted Monitor is ideal for businesses with multiple branches or data centers. With remote probes, you can collect data from distributed networks and monitor them centrally in your hosted PRTG instance.

Ideal for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

This solution offers a special architecture that allows MSPs to grant their customers remote access to their monitoring. Remote probes are included for free in every PRTG instance, enabling you to securely and continuously monitor your customers' remote networks. No long-term contracts are required as subscriptions are flexible and cancellable.

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Enhance your IT monitoring today. Explore the power of PRTG and elevate the efficiency of your IT infrastructure.

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