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What is IT Care at Tom's IT?

At Tom’s IT, we understand IT care as a holistic, proactive approach to your company’s IT, aimed at ensuring the smooth operation and security of your systems. Our goal is to ensure optimal performance of your IT infrastructure through constant monitoring and timely updates, and to identify improvement opportunities early on.

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Why Professional IT Care is Essential

Steigerung der EIncreased Efficiencyffizienz

Our professional IT care can significantly reduce the processing times of your tasks. We optimize your IT systems for maximum efficiency, thus improving your business processes.

Minimization of Downtime

Regular maintenance and proactive monitoring of your systems by our experts minimize the risk of unplanned downtime and guarantee uninterrupted business operations.

Improvement of Data Security

We protect your company data with advanced security strategies against external and internal threats. Our security monitoring includes regular checks and updates of your security systems.

Compliance and Risk Management

Our IT care ensures that you always comply with the latest data protection and security regulations, and helps you improve your risk management.

Comprehensive IT Care Services

Efficient IT care is the foundation for the success of modern businesses. At Tom's IT, we offer customized managed services, professional IT care, and comprehensive cybersecurity to keep your IT systems secure and powerful.


Protect your business from digital threats with our advanced cybersecurity measures. From firewalls to anti-malware, we implement the necessary security protocols to keep your data and systems safe.

Managed Services

Our managed services provide all-around care for your IT systems. We take over the maintenance, monitoring, and management of your IT to prevent failures and optimize system performance.


Our IT Supoport offers quick and effective solutions for all IT-related issues. With options for remote and on-site care, we ensure that your IT operations run smoothly without interruptions.

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