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IT-Equipment for your office or production.

As your reliable IT service provider, we understand that the right IT equipment is crucial for the efficiency and productivity of your business. Our process begins with a thorough analysis of your specific needs. Based on this, we not only procure the appropriate IT hardware but also ensure professional installation and configuration on-site. This way, we make sure that your IT systems are perfectly aligned with your business processes, allowing you to focus entirely on your core business.

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Hardware for Office

Hardware for Production

IT Equipment for Office

For Office

Optimal Office Infrastructure

We understand that modern office environments have specific IT requirements. From powerful computers to high-resolution monitors and efficient network technology – we provide the IT hardware you need to create productive and ergonomic workspaces. By using the latest technology, we not only improve working conditions but also the morale and efficiency of your employees.

Office IT Equipment

Category Products Features
Computers Desktop PCs, Laptops Powerful processors, high storage capacity, long-lasting batteries
Software Office applications, communication tools, project management software Increased efficiency, improved communication, optimized project management
Network Devices Routers, switches, WLAN access points Fast and secure network connections, reliable internet access
Peripherals Printers, scanners, monitors High-resolution prints and scans, clear and large screen displays
Security Solutions Antivirus software, firewall, VPN Protection against cyber attacks, secure data transmission, remote access
Storage Solutions External hard drives, network-attached storage (NAS) Extended data storage, secure backup options, easy data access
Communication Technology VoIP phones, conference systems Clear audio and video communication, integration with existing IT infrastructure

IT Equipment for Production

For Production

Robust Solutions for Production Environments

In production facilities, robustness and reliability are crucial. Our IT hardware for production meets the highest industrial standards. We supply specialized industrial PCs that function reliably even in demanding environments and ensure a secure and stable network environment. With our support, you can increase productivity while ensuring the operational safety of your equipment.

IT Equipment for Production Environments

Category Products Features
Industrial Computers Rugged Laptops, Industrial PCs Robust design, resistant to dust, dirt, and liquids
Specialized Software Production Control, Quality Management Software Optimization of production processes, real-time quality control
Network Solutions Industrial Switches, VPN Secure and stable network connections even in harsh conditions
Monitoring Systems Surveillance Cameras, Sensor Networks Monitoring of production lines, precise data collection and analysis
Data Security Firewalls, Encryption Technologies Protection against external attacks, ensuring data integrity
Wireless Communication WLAN Access Points, Radio Modules Reliable wireless communication even in wide and complex production areas
Data Management and Storage Servers, Cloud Services Efficient storage and management of large data volumes, fast access

Software License Management


Efficient License Management

Efficient software license management is essential to reduce costs and ensure legal compliance. We help you effectively manage your software, keep licenses up to date, and minimize compliance risks. Our experts offer support in selecting, implementing, and managing your software licenses, so you can focus on your business.

Software License Management

Service Description Objectives
Consultation on License Models We offer customized consultation on the optimal software license models tailored to your specific business processes. Optimization of software investments, adaptation to business processes
Software Inventory Review Regular review and management of your entire software inventory to ensure currency and compliance. Ensuring compliance, avoiding legal and tax risks
Risk Minimization Proactive measures to minimize legal and tax risks through precise license management and documentation. Reduction of legal risks, optimization of the tax situation

Looking for an IT Care Provider?

Are you searching for a reliable IT care provider for your business? Tom's IT offers professional technical support tailored to your specific needs.

What Does an IT Care Provider Do?

As your IT care provider, we take care of all your company's IT matters simply and effectively. We ensure the smooth operation of your IT systems, manage your applications, and make sure that all your technology needs are always met.

Maximize efficiency and savings with state-of-the-art
IT solutions

Hardware and Software Consulting

Providing state-of-the-art IT solutions increases productivity, improves communication, enhances flexibility, and optimizes your entire IT infrastructure while saving significant costs.